Somerset Motorhome Centre

Meet the team

Tom Lower, Founder and MD

When I started Somerset Motorhomes I had a clear idea of what buying and selling motorhomes should be like. Put simply, it’s all about putting you in the right motorhome and doing whatever it takes to make your ownership experience a delight.

Feedback from our customers - some of whom have been with us for over a decade - confirms we’ve got it right. But this isn’t down to me. It’s thanks to the work of a dedicated team who share these values.

Here are a few of the people you’re likely to meet as a customer. But I also want to pay tribute to all of the team - including those behind the scenes - who’ve worked so hard to build our reputation for excellence and are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers.

- Tom Lower, Founder and MD

Tom Lower, Founder and MD
Jon Lower, Sales Manager

Jon joined the business 18 months after it started to help look after the rapidly growing customer base. His priority today is to lead and support the sales team to ensure that whoever looks after you, you’ll get the same high level of care.

Best part of the job? ‘To be honest, it doesn’t feel like a job. I love talking to customers and helping them find the ideal Motorhome size and layout for their needs.’

Outside of work Jon’s a keen golfer and also keeps koi carp. ‘With koi you look after the water to create the right conditions for the fish to thrive. It’s much the same with the sales team - create the right conditions and expectations, and everything else tends to take care of itself.’

Josh Hill, Sales Executive

Josh’s involvement with motorhomes started with valeting and preparation. He’s also sold new motorhomes in the past but is now an established member of our team. ‘I get involved with a lot of the buying. This is a great part of the job - ensuring that we always have a varied stock of high quality motorhomes to meet all needs.’

Best part of the job? ‘Every day is different and every customer has unique needs. It always feels great when you find the perfect van for someone.’

He’s informally known as Mr Elddis as he’s a big fan of the brand. Outside of work a young family takes up most of his time (when he’s not on the phone buying up new stock for our customers).

Simon Ward, Sales Executive

Simon has been with us for over 13 years and literally knows motorhomes inside and out. Like all of the sales team his priority is listening: finding out how customers plan to enjoy their motorhome. ‘We then walk around different vans, sit in them and take as long as it needs to find what feels right. Once you find the right layout, everything else tends to follow.’

Best part of the job? ‘Selling holidays and dreams, which is why the layout is so crucial. Many of our customers are old friends and pop in for a chat and a coffee when they’re passing.’

Outside of work Simon enjoys dog walking, holidays and spending time with friends and family.

Paul Gratton, Service Centre Manager

Paul leads a service team of 16 people who will inspect and prepare every detail of your motorhome before you drive it away. Paul and his team will also look after you when it’s time for a routine service. 

Best part of the job? ‘It’s seeing happy customers, driving their van away knowing that everything’s been taken care of. Finding parts for some older models can be a challenge so we invested in a 3D printer so we can make some of them ourselves.’ 

Paul’s personal preference for motorhomes is a van conversion such as an Autotrail V-Line. Outside of work his passions are Northern Soul music and scooters.

Zac Gratton, Sales Executive

Zac joined us over nine years ago, working initially with the valeting team. He tried his hand at sales and never looked back. For Zac it’s also largely about settling on the right layout for each customer: ‘Some people want a fixed bed and others prefer the extra lounge space - it’s all about personal choice.’

Best part of the job? ‘Helping someone who comes in looking for a motorhome but not really knowing what they want. If I can guide them to the right choice, that’s a great feeling.’

Outside of work Zac enjoys spending time with his young family and is a committed golfer and badminton player.

Stewart Hill, Sales Executive

Stewart has been working with caravans and motorhomes for over 20 years and joined us over six years ago. He loves working in the industry and particularly helping customers make the right choice in what is a high value purchase.

Best part of the job? ‘I’m always interested to know how people will use their van and where they intend to visit. We can then narrow the size and layout options and find the ideal match. When a customer tells us a few months later that they made the right choice, that’s the best feeling of all.’

Although his personal preference is for van conversions it’s always about what the customer needs. 

Stewart is our webmaster. He’s the guy that adds the details of our motorhome stock to the website. He also gets involved in buying motorhomes to give our customers the widest choice possible. 

When he’s not working you’ll find him watching rugby somewhere, out for a long walk, or with his nose in a book.

Rob Woodward, Sales Executive

Rob joined us in 2013. His background is in automotive repairs and servicing, including motorhomes. While he loves motorhomes he fancied a change from servicing to selling them.

Best part of the job? ‘Getting the details right for each customer, whether that’s the size, weight, layout, or maybe recommending a continental van if people plan to use their motorhome over the winter.

‘It’s all about listening, presenting different options and giving people as much time as they need.’

Outside of work Rob’s a keen carp fisherman and also enjoys cycling and holidays.

Ian Cridland, Head Technician

Ian was the first person to join the team and has been with us ever since. ‘In the early days it was a case of doing whatever needs to be done. These days I’m the Head Technician and my job is to keep the service team running smoothly and everyone happy.’

For Ian there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a happy customer drive away in an immaculately prepared and serviced motorhome.

Outside of work Ian describes himself as a rugby fanatic - a passion he shares with his three sons.